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 11 Amazing Ways to Increase Pages Views For Your Blog/Website In A Month

Note: You will only make money from your blog or website if people are visiting and reading your blog. The more people that visit your blog/website, the more money you stand to make from the blog. Hence, TRAFFIC is very important, so your amount of success in the business is dependent on the traffic you control. 
1. Attractive Unique Content To Your Targeted Audience: If you really want people to be visiting your website/blog, you must be posting unique content in your website. You should not be copying and pasting from other people’s blog to your website, but you can rewrite the entire article and make it yours and then reference the source. If you do copy and paste direct, Google can ban you from Adsense and remove your website from search engines.If you want to share an article already published elsewhere, you can re-write it in your own style and even indicate the source in your post.

You can be getting traffic from search engines e,g Google, Bing etc (organic traffic) or from links you share on Social networking/forums like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Digg etc.

Traffic from search engines is the best because when am offline and not sharing my links anywhere, people keep visiting my blog from the search engine and I keep making money when they click on my Google Ads or if they order for products/services I offer for cash on my blog site. For you to be getting traffic from Search Engines, you must optimize your website/blog for search engines. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can search Google for the tutorials or ebooks on SEO. Try to download and read the Google SEO Guide at the end of this guide. 

2. Add fresh content daily: If you are starting a new blog/website, make sure that you are ready with at least 50-100 posts. The most viral blogs are those that keep their readers updated with tons of new content daily, especially jumping on the latest hypes to grab more eyeballs. Be always creative in your writings and let the dynamic be attractive and interesting for your readers. 
3. Utilize your social media channels effectively: As a blogger or as a website owner take unique time to grow your social media handles and be responsible enough to them to build trust, because they are your secondary contacts and your doing well is greatly dependent on them. 

Social media channels are the best way to get millions of page views in a short amount of time. Social sharing of posts has an exponential effect, if you share a post to your friends and they like it, they will share it further to their friends and so on, resulting in a lot of page views. Utilize this and you will be amazed! 

4. Invite guest Bloggers: Oftentimes, you will feel tired of writing new content constantly, you will hit the writer's block, you will run out of ideas, and the process will start feeling a little montonous to you. Invite guest bloggers to write on your blog in exchange for a backlink to their websites. This not only helps gives you a much needed relief from writing yourself, but also helps you enter the blogging community and interact with experts in your niche.

Take time to study on this, watch videos from YouTube and Google this on how to utilize this,and roll out with it. 

5. Maintain the quality of your articles
Good content will always bring you good readership and more followers. People like and share the content that they find share worthy, so make sure your writing is not only of excellent quality, but it provides some value to the readers in form of information or advice, or even some nice entertainment.

Check your sentence construction, use right terms and avoid use of abusive words. Check your posts to see which post go viral and optimize your site based on that. 

6. Use attractive images and cool Infographics
The attention span of an average person on the internet is very short. To make sure he does not get bored with your articles stretching 1000s of words without any breaks, use visual aids extensively. Some of these include bullet points, lists, headings, images and infographics. Images and infographics are a great way to increase the interests of your audience.

7. Link Building
Submit your articles (or links to your articles) to various article directories to increase exposure for your blog/website. Even though this method is a bit old, it still works. However, if you think this is too much of a task, then stick to only social platforms. Post all link to your articles on all social platforms that you use, like facebook, twitter, digg, etc.

8. Set targets for your blog/website 
Starting business with goals and how to achieve them, it's a waste of time. Always date your goals and whenever you hit them, set higher targets. Set targets on how far you want to go far in the business, and how much you want to earn either monthly, weekly or daily. How much traffic you want to reach out to. 

Set achievable targets for yourself and your site. For instance, you could try writing 5 articles each week, or share your content to 10 different social media platforms. Some other examples include working on your twitter account to get 10000 followers in a month, or building an email list.

9. Identify your website's niche
Use Google Analytics (it's free) and other similar tools to analyse how different posts on your blog or website fare against each other. You can use the statistics to eliminate the ones that are giving poor results and focus more on those that bring you the most page views. This is very important and always create working relationships with other follow bloggers and observe how they are doing things. 

10. Recycle old posts
Recycling old posts is a neat idea for lazy days. Google looks up to date content, and reposting old posts with updates gives them a new breeze of view counts. Recycling especially most viewed posts is essential and you know what they will keep sending you huge traffic on daily basis. 

11. Use paid advertising tools
You can use paid advertising tools for increasing your page views in a matter of minutes. Google Adwords, LinkedIn adverts, Facebook Sponsored ads Adfly Ads are the biggest ones in view and are some of the best working tools for bloggers, also for websites. 

If you have a tip that we that are constructive enough to benefit others included here and missing? Please kindly drop us a comment below.
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