Kingsgate Raising Financial Giants - How To Make Over A Million Dollars in A Month

This is Remarkable, early this year, we introduce 3 Amazing networking platforms that prove their abilities and what they can offer you, in which several across the globe benefited and still counting! This is another unique platform design to make millions around the world to be Financial giants. Before getting this across to you, I have made my own unique findings. You can go ahead and check it out with Its a legitimate and it is duly registered with C.A.C. It's new! It's fresh! It's like no other! A kingdom of Businesses! A totality of every thing you ever need to become a financial giant. The money, the services, the platform to trade in, the sponsorship programs, skill acquisition needed, the audience needed. These are all in one package Proudly introducing by team of responsible God loving individuals and they called the platform KINGSGATES
Take advantage of the opportunity and don't let it pass you bye. So get ready to be a part of it. It's a kingdom of endless possibilities where financial giants are raised...

 KINGSGATES is a socio commerce with a paid membership system that rewards her members based on their performance. This Internet based business hub is targeted at creating wealth for the teeming populace by enhancing business performances and supporting such businesses through financial and technical empowerment.

It is an online Kingdom, a sovereign power with a full societal and communal structure which facilitates order, good  business conduct and ethics. It provides the appropriate recipies and facilities for mental upgrading as it brings on-board an embodiment of knowledge geared towards creating wealth through technical and skills acquisition for all time productivity and relevance in business. 

KINGSGATES number one priority is building trust among members as well as between members and the Kingdom administrative. Thus, delivering on of our promises is non negotiable. This Kingdom is a product of Kelvex Services, a registered business with the Corporate Affairs Commision under the Companies Allied Matters Act and under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is in no way an avenue for defrauding members but rather a formidable structure established to fight poverty and create wealth through  collaborative efforts between members and the organization. 

KINGSGATES is not a ponzi scheme. So they don't operate on a traditional ponzi multi level marketing tree/matrix. However, Kingsgate have  a more organized and sustainable algorithm for their compensations and reward system. 

Kingsgates mission is to empower the populace both financially and mentally  through skills acquisition schemes thereby  creating a generation of vibrant business owners. 

To create and implement a workable and sustaninable (internet based) representation of an actual commercial society where financial giants are raised.

KINGSGATES MOTTO:Raising financial Giants

Kingsgates only accept citizens of respectful and reputable character with so much vision in their heart. Its a Great Land, Great Kingdom with Great Kings, Great people.

Kingsgates is designed and destined to cause "a timely change" around the world. KIngsgate Quote "If we don’t do it, who will? & Together we believe there's no limit to how far we can go in life. No barrier can stop us. No one can stop a man who has clear dreams and a clearly defined vision". KIngsgates is a place where dreams become real and visions are undoubtedly reached and executed. Kingsgate is  the world of possibilities where only your hesitation is your limitation KINGSGATES - Raising Financial Giants

This organization is built on four wings. They are:
  1. KINGS SOCIAL: Kings Social is a social network built for business related discussions. It is meant to enable members discuss their businesses freely in order to make both their products and services known to both members of the community and the outside world. Kingsscocial also help members with great ideas push for actualization of their dream businesses by galvanizing for sponsorship and even participate in financing such businesses via award of special rewards  for such members. We pick up the best business idea every month. (Such ideas should not be more than N50,000 to start up). To participate in this, the members would Join the group on Kings social called KINGS-GENUISES where we pick a genus every month.  Every year, we pick up a mega business to sponsor. Such business idea could be up to a million naira sponsorship.
  2. THE KINGS GEO-DIRECTORY: Kings Geo-directory is built to give directions to places of interest thereby enabling the user to easily locate a business, street or place on the actual land. Members of KINGSGATES can freely list their stores, offices, workshops or institutions on the geodirectory. The resultant effect of this is enabling more customers to easily find them thereby generating more awareness of the business location as well as boosting the customer base, thus generating more sales. The geodirectory makes use of the Google map with both terrain, road network view including the satellite technology to show the ground base of the business.
  3. THE KINGS COMMERCE: The Kings commerce is the Kingdom's Marketplace. It is a multivendor system designed to enable users upload their products for sale. Each user has his store where he/she manages his/her market, view reports and process orders. We help to advertise and make your products available to your potential customers.
  4. THE KINGS LISTING: This is the listing section of businesses. It is a subset of the ecommerce where users list their products for sale and fulfil the transaction by themselves. Under this condition, KINGSGATES responsibility is to provide a platform where The buyer and The seller meet. The aim is to enable user have full control over such transactions as they a not bound by the rules or the Terms of Service of our ecommerce. However, Kelvex Services or KINGSGATES shall not be held liable for any fall out in such transactions.
To be part  of this great Kingdom services to sell your products, get empowered to actualize your dreams, to earn daily and to promote your products. To make use of great platform, you must be a member. Membership registration of KINGSGATES is easy. There are four (4) membership plans available for now. These plans are as follows:
  1. Starter - Registration fee  is N5,000 
  2. Average - Registration fee is N10,000 
  3. High Class - Registration for the High Class is N20,000 
  4. Millionaires Club - This plan guarantees unlimited products upload and the usage of other services. It costs N50,000 to join the millionaires club.
To register as a member of Kingsgates, please follow the instructions below:
  • Visit and select the package of your choice and click sign up
  • Contact any of the KINGSGATES Province Leaders (Egwu Godwin on +2348182915830, Kelvin Onah on +2348110671449 and Wilson Nduka on +2347064928679) of your choice and ask for a PIN corresponding to the membership plan of your choice
  • Scroll down to the membership plans
  • Select your desired membership plan
  • Fill up the Registration Form when the page opens
  • Input your account details when you are prompted in the dashboard.
  • Activate your PIN by following instructions on pin activation here...
Note: By just activating any of the plans available on the site, you have  access to our e-commerce, kings social platform, and geodirectory platform and most importantly, you can receive as high as N1,000,000 from the system to start up your business depending on the plan chosen at the point of registration. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME BUT PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT PLATFORM. You will  have access to a wide range of business opportunities and skill acquisitions  and also to list your services on our geodirectory platform

You have unlimited opportunities to move your wealth capacity by referring/introducing friends and family to Kingsgates. You have full assurance of rewards on your one time investment.

You have the privilege of re-enrolling again after every cash out. to continue to enjoy the beauty of creating wealth with ease.

This can only happen when you take corresponding actions, so Register Now. For more information, Lectures and training Join KINGSGATES BRIGHTLAND PRO GROUP, ask anything constructive questions and the team will attend to you accordingly.

Sponsored - Kingsgates Province Team
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