PHOTOS: Bunyadi London Restaurant that allows only Naked Customers - Unbelievable

Recently a restaurant in London opened, where you can only be naked while eating. This restaurant actually has a waiting list of about 40,000 people that are waiting to try it out. Unbelievable

The head chef and the owners believes that people will concentrate better on their food and be encouraged to try new cuisines if they are naked. Insanity. Privacy asault.
The restaurant known as The Bunyadi, which will be open and being in operation for only three months in South East London, allowed the public in June 11th. The restaurant is London’s first naked restaurant.
The restaurant owners claim to offer ‘pure liberation’ and the experience of eating food in the purest form. You are however given the option of either eating naked, or eating while wearing a robe.

The restaurant staff hand you a list of their rules once you enter the restaurant. See a picture of the rules below:
Here’s what a journalist who patronized them had to say: “No indecency or nuisance or any sexual activity of any kind is allowed. Guests who don’t follow this rule will be escorted out immediately. The rules are set out in no uncertain terms in a ‘rules of engagement’ document handed to all diners upon arrival, or a ‘Welcome’ note, as they call it.” See more photos of patrons below:
The Bunyadi, set to open to the public on June 11, is London's first nude restaurant, offering an entirely natural eating experience, free from the trappings of modern life. This includes phones, electric lights and even clothing. A 42-capacity venue, it currently has almost 44,000 people on its waiting list, but it's only open for three months. The first diners at the undisclosed venue - invited as part of its 'soft opening' - have praised the food, ambiance and freedom as they shed their threads. Harriet Starling wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page: "I didn't want it to end! Was absolutely incredible - every moment. "Pure freedom, the best staff and atmosphere, flawless food. To whoever gets to go, you will never forget it.
The Bunyadi, London's Naked Restaurant. Another, Lizzie West, wrote: "I felt so relaxed, comfortable, free!... it just worked." Others said the food was "inspired" and "delicious" and the the whole experience was "perfection". Yoann Belmere reviewed his trial meal, writing: "You enter a cocktail bar and after a cocktail you're invited to change into a comfortable gown before being led to the atmospheric restaurant area where tables are separated by bamboo curtains, see-through to stimulate the brain but hidden enough to feel in your private booth. "The raw food was exquisite too! Highly recommended with a group of friend or for a unusual experience with your special someone!
Unbelievable, what people called purest form is the highest insult of humanity,  what I called "Privacy Assault", "End time Activities". Lack of the fear of God derives people to destruction.
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